News for unreleased, other projects, personal stuff and whatever interesting, boring or stupid ideas for writing I come up with.

Campudus and Game Gorilla

Even if it looks like I'm not doing anything since nine months, don't let it fool you. Two former fellow students and I founded the Campudus UG and created a demo platform called Game Gorilla. See for what we do all day and have a look at to try out the demo we've been (and still are) working on.

Something new again!

During exam time it was pretty quiet around here. There are quite some things I wanted to write about, but learning hold me back. Now that I had my last tests and only need to write my master thesis, I should be able to post a little bit more.

Around christmas time and during exam time I had small projects with programming Android phones. Hence, the content of the next few articles will be around programming smartphones. In my master thesis I'm going to focus on HTML5 and JavaScript so at least some posts will cover stuff about web programming. reloaded

It is time for to be completely redesigned (again).

I don't want to waste too much time with programming and styling of this site and focus on smaller code examples, which I would like to save somewhere. To save some energy, I decided to go for a CMS this time. I'm curious whether Drupal will meet my requirements...

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